Reach Plus for Young People

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Training Programs

We offer a training program called Stand Up.Stand Out to the young people* through schools, and on a public schedule.  The program is available as a one day event, two 4 hour workshops or a series of 40- 90 minute sessions.

Our one day course aims to facilitate young people* in developing goals, achieving their aspirations and to get ready for their next step, be it more education or the workplace.

SUSO Coaching

Reach Plus for Young People offers SUSO Coaching to young people* on an individual basis to develop their goals and help them achieve their aspirations through a series of 6 coaching sessions.

When you purchase a service through Reach Plus for Young People you support our Reach Plus Foundation, supporting young people through charities and youth organisations in Scotland.

Reach Plus for Young People is designed for people aged between 16 and 22 years and in some form of education.