Stand Up Stand Out

susoOur one day program aims to facilitate young people in developing goals, achieving their aspirations and to get ready for their next step, be it more education or the workplace. Throughout the day they will take part in several workshops that look at different ways to express themselves for who they are whilst maintaining a level of professionalism. There are also two workshops to help them start on the journey discovering their goals and how to motivate themselves to achieve them.




Interview Techniques

Don’t let the stress of an interview hide your real self and abilities. This workshop will get you prepared for that life changing interview.

Social Media Awareness

You can limit your life opportunities if you don’t use social media properly. In this workshop you start to understand how to create effective profiles for the different media platforms.


Networking is a key life skill for your future. By the end of this workshop you will be ready to make the most of every opportunity when meeting new people in a group situation.

SUSO Vision Boards™

A Vision Board is a great reminder of all the things we want to achieve in life. You will create your own individual board to take home and update on an ongoing basis

Goal Setting

In life you need to identify where you are in order to get where you are going. You will complete the Life Wheel to help set your Goal which you will continue to develop after the course is over.


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